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The Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed AP Antenna helps focus wireless signals in a particular direction by creating a co-polarization pattern. You can easily extend the range of radio signals by up to 2.5 times in a particular direction with the antenna. The Cisco cloud managed access point antennas come with everything you require for a pole or wall mount. The access point antennas are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Two cables and N-type connectors are already integrated with the Cisco antennas. These antennas are best for establishing a medium distance point-to-point or point-to-multi-point wireless link. Here are some of the important features of Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed AP Antennas.

. Cisco access point antennas help improve the connectivity of a Cisco Meraki network by increasing its signal strength by at least 2.5 times.

. You have the option of choosing the particular direction you want to increase the signal strength of the device.

. The antennas are easy to install since it comes with everything you need to mount the antenna on a pole or the wall.

. The frequency range of the antennas is between 2.400 – 2.500 GHz, and the Gain is 11 dBi.

. The access point antennas are certified for use with the MR66 and MR72 Cisco Meraki devices.

. The antennas weigh around 525g and are made from high-quality UV resistant plastic material.

. The dimensions are 233 mm x 140 mm x 40 mm.

. A One-Year hardware warranty is included with the product.

The antennas play an important role in the function of Meraki cloud-managed access points. The antenna will simply take the output from the access point radio and convert/emit it as radio waves that carry the modulated data signals. You need to choose the right style of antenna to suit the radiation range and pattern.

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