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Cloud Managed Switch

Cisco Meraki cloud managed switches allow you to simplify your network switches and reduce the time spent on managing and maintaining them. Cisco is the first cloud-managed switch that provides the advantages of cloud-based centralised management with reliable access. It gives you the ability to build high-performance networks and maintain seamless network services to improve the connectivity of your business. Meraki switches could be physically stacked using the lightning-fast cables of Meraki. Here are some of the many features of Cisco Meraki cloud managed

Enterprise Security - Cisco switches easily integrate with security systems and extending security down to the port level has never been easier. Meraki switches segregate guest devices, define access policies, and safeguard the entire network environment right from your dashboard. It also comes with two-factor authentication, regular firewall updates, and all other built-in protections to secure your network and reduce costs over time.

Centrally Managed From The Cloud - Thousands of switch ports are monitored and configured instantly over the internet with cloud access. You are able to remotely configure the switches for access devices, control PoE, and assign voice VLANs without a physical connection between the switches. All this can be done with a few clicks and without on-site IT assistance or support. Managing your network over the cloud allows you to easily manage networks without IT training or dedicated staff.

Remote Live Tools:

Each Meraki switch is automatically monitored 24×7 via the cloud. You will see results right on your dashboard and also receive text and email alerts that notify configuration changes and switch downtime to administrators.

Client Visibility:

Meraki switches come with Layer 7 application, client fingerprinting, and analysis to identify users & content on the network. The administrator can see how network resources are spent.

Meraki cloud managed switches can definitely improve your business connectivity.

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Build High-Performance, Resilient Networks

Meraki switches provide the essentials for building high-performance networks that can help maintain seamless network service. Multigigabit Ethernet squeezes more speed out of existing cabling. Switches can be physically stacked via dedicated lightning-fast cabling and cross-stack link aggregation used to create a resilient connection to the network core using all available bandwidth. Further strengthen the network with IP gateway redundancy or powerful dynamic routing using OSPF.

Easy to Deploy, Manage, & Troubleshoot

Offering true zero-touch provisioning, Meraki switches can be pre-staged and configured entirely from a web browser. The Meraki management experience accelerates and simplifies the work of the network engineer. Troubleshooting network issues, especially on remote locations, can significantly add to the cost of running this mission critical service. Meraki switches provide ground-breaking tools for remote troubleshooting, so that scaling a Meraki network need not mean scaling complexity.

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