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Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Cameras 

Meraki managed cameras do a perfect job in protecting the employees and assets of your business. The old analogue cameras are difficult to deploy and manage since they can only be monitored from a central office. Most of the time, these cameras are not helpful until the incident occurs. But the new digital Cisco security cameras are countering these negative aspects and adding intelligence to the system.

It enhances everything that a surveillance camera could do. The camera is designed with everything needed for a successful deployment in a box. They are simple to deploy, configure, and manage and offer reliable security to protect both your employees and business assets. Here are some of the many important features of Meraki managed cameras.

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Centralised Cloud Management - The Cisco Meraki dashboard is geared to provide secure monitoring and management of all your surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world. In fact, you don't need to invest in any extra software to do the job. It saves your business time and money.

No Special Training Needed - No special training is required to operate the security camera. Anyone who has access to the Meraki dashboard can view live camera feeds via any web browser or mobile device. In fact, first responders can access feeds remotely during an emergency with a password.

Everything In One Box - Meraki provides powerful security hardware and video storage all in one box. You don't have to spend on extra analytics packages or software to operate the cameras.

Bandwidth Conscious - A novel feature of Meraki helps place video storage on the camera and not in the cloud. That way you get the bandwidth required for mission-critical network activities.

Super Secure - Meraki cameras automatically purchase public SSL certificates. Management data is always encrypted by default.

Meraki cameras are the perfect investment to enhance the security of your business.

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